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Encrypt Mac Mail






Many mac users would like to encrypt Mac Mail mailboxes stored on the disk,
or encrypt email folders used by third-party Mac Email clients, such as ThunderBird,
Outlook, PostBox, Sparrow, etc. The benefit of Mac Mail encryption is to keep personal
information private in case of losing physical control of the computer, or protect the emails
from prying eyes.

Apple FileVault can encrypt the entire hard drive, but whole disk encryption is overkill
for most users. You may just want to encrypt Mac Mail mailboxes or specific folders, but it is
not possible to specify FileVault’s target dir. Full disk encryption is too much and the system
is taking a performance hit, you will find that the system is becoming gradually slower. FileVault
does not play well with Time Machine, Time Machine will only back up your home folders
protected by FileVault when you log out. If you don’t log out,  you don’t get backed up.
And you can’t browse the protected items in the Time Machine backup, you can’t restore
individual items.

So is there a simple way to encrypt just a specific set of private data files(like email in Mac Mail,
calendars in iCal, contacts in Address Book)?

Yes, of course, all you need is MacFort, might be the simplest way to encrypt Mac Mail or  other
certain private data with password protection in Mac OS X.  Have a look at some great features
of MacFort:

1.MacFort is a nifty way to accomplish On-the-fly encryption with Mac OS X. MacFort can find
the location of any sensitive data files on your Mac, then create as many encrypted vaults as you
want to store your private files(like email in Mac Mail). After that, when Mac Mail tries to start,
MacFort will prompt you for the password to unlock the encrypted vault, when Mac Mail is closed,
MacFort will automatically lock the vault. Locking and unlocking the vaults only takes seconds.

2.MacFort uses the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm (AES) to encrypt your private files,
which is a data-scrambling system first published in 1998.  It was adopted as a U.S. government
standard in 2001, After more than a decade of exhaustive analysis,  AES is widely regarded as
unbreakable.  Technology Review points out that “the algorithm is so strong that no computer
imaginable for the foreseeable future”.

3.By default,the encrypted vaults are located in your home folder, so MacFort works great with
Time Machine, which will automatically backup the vaults regularly.

4.The vaults are encrypted files that hold a file system.  Being a file,  it can easily be moved,
copied,  you can put the vaults on a USB drive or a network drive, after doing that,you can
save a lost of hard disk space and protect your valuable data from being physically stolen.

Open MacFort, click “Scan” in the main toolbar,select mail on the list, click “OK”.
Wait until the encryption process is complete. 


Encrypt Mac Mail

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MacFort will lock the vault automatically after the encryption process is finished.


Mac Mail encryption

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      When you try to open Mac Mail, MacFort will prompt you to enter the password to unlock
      the vault to allow Mac Mail to access the mailboxes.

        Mac Mail Encryption












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