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On November 27, 2011, in Blog, by MadowSoft

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There are many reasons to password protect your iPhoto album from prying eyes,

If you think about setting a password on your Mac is strong enough to protect your privacy,
you possibly go wrong, let’s take a look at a few reasons why i tell you that:

1. If you Mac is lost or stolen, the thieves can remove the hard disk from your machine, dropped
it into a different computer, and once again access the contents of your hard disk without needing
to login to the Mac that you had installed.

2. If you have multiple accounts on your Mac, please do not forget that mac os x has holes that
could be exploited to allow limited privileges to gain full access, which gives the malicious users
ability to access other user’s files.

Hide photos in iPhoto is also useless,

iPhoto stores the original picture files in your home folder, the pictures files are unencrypted
and could be easily viewed by anyone who has access to your user account.  If you forget to log out
of your Mac when you walk away, anyone can access your photos individually without
needing to open the iPhoto app.

MacFort gets it easy to password protect your iPhoto library,

Just 2 clicks to get your iPhoto album password protected!  MacFort works on a very simple principle,
first,  it will create an encrypted vault, then move your iPhoto library to the vault and make links
point to them. Next time if when you start iPhoto, you must supply the correct password to unlock
the vault,  if password enter wrong,  iPhoto will be denied access to its library,  so your iPhoto
library will be completely safe.

Never worry about losing your photos,

MacFort uses the Mac OS X encrypted disk images feature  to make a vault,  this means that
your data is more reliable. The vault is stored in a single file within your home folder, so you can
always back up the vault file in the usual way.  If you use Time Machine to back up your Mac,
the vault file will be backed up regularly without having to manually. In conclusion,
there is no chance of data loss.

Before We Go, Please click the button to download MacFort now! 

Download MacFort

First click “Scan” in the main toolbar to get the important files list,if iPhoto on the list,
choose it.


Click to Enlarge














Click “OK” and wait until the encryption process is complete.



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Now your iPhoto library is completely encrypted and password protected.  


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Now your iPhoto Library was completely encrypted, Next time if when you start iphoto,
you must enter the correct password to access the iPhoto Library, That’s pretty simple,
isn’t it?


In Mavericks and iPhoto 11, after entering the correct password, the following dialog
may appear and remind you to select the encrypted iPhoto Library, you just need to click
choose to continue,

password protect iPhoto in Mavericks












Click the button to download MacFort now! 

Download MacFort

MacFort is 100% Clean,

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