How to password protect only one mailbox in Mac Mail

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Note:  This article only applies to OS X Lion 10.7 and earlier,  if your computer has
Mountain Lion or later installed, you need to password protect the entire Mail Library,
please read this article: How to password protect Mac Mail.

Many mac users are trying to find a solution that will allow them to password protect
single mailbox in mac mail,apparently this is not easy to achieve,because most mac
users don’t exactly know how to encrypt mailboxes,let alone where to find
Mac Mail’s folder structure.

But now with MacFort you can easily password protect just one email folder
rather than all of the emails,if you haven’t installed MacFort,click the button to
download MacFort:

Download MacFort


And if you have already use MacFort to password protect your whole mac mail
mailboxes,please use MacFort to restore it at the first.

Now follow these 2 simple steps to achieve your goal!

First:Click “Add” in the main MacFort toolbar,a dialog will appear:
Password protect mac mail with macfort












Name:whatever name you want,maybe your email account name.

Description:whatever description you want.

Locaiton:this is the important thing,click the “..” button to navigate to the
mailboxes folder, if you are using Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6, the mac mail mailboxes
path is:

/Users/your user account/Library/Mail

In Mac OS X 10.7 lion,the path is:

/Users/your user account/Library/Mail/V2

Under the mac mail mailboxes path you can see many folders inside it, find the
folder whose name contains your email account name which you want to protect,
and click “select”.For example:if  i want to password protect my email account:
“”,i will select the folder named “”
under the mac mail mailboxes path.So,the location of the mailbox folder should be:

/Users/your user account/Library/Mail/

In Mac OS X 10.7 lion,the path is:

/Users/your user account/Library/Mail/V2/
Note:Under lion The  user-level library folder is hidden by default,click
the “..” button,the select file dialog will appear,then press the keyboard shortcut:
Command-Shift-G,and type “~/library”, hit enter, and you’re there:

Lion user library folder






Second:Click “Scan” in the main MacFort toolbar,select the mailbox name
you’ve added before,click “OK” to continue.

Password protect mac mail with MacFort












Now,All done!-you must supply the correct password to see you email,
otherwise,the mac mail will not show your account name which  is password-protected.

Password protect mac mail with MacFort 












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