Prevent data loss and physical data theft on your mac with MacFort





Having a macbook lost or stolen  is a double-dose of bad news, Not only have you lost an
expensive and probably essential piece of equipment, perhaps forever, but you also have 
to deal with the possibility of data loss. If the thief is at all interested in your data, they will
most likely not even bother trying to get through your account password. It is much easier
to simply remove the hard drive, place it in another computer, and get to work sifting through
your files for usable information. Once your hard drive is removed, your entire protection
layer is gone!

But there is an easy way to guard against this scenario: MacFort. There are two ways MacFort
can help protect your data in this case:


You can use MacFort to create encrypted vaults which can be accessed from the finder in
exactly the same way as regular folders, except that you cannot see the contents without
entering your password. When unmounted, these vaults are digitally scrambled with an
                encryption algorithm that is impossible to bypass without a decryption code. At this point,
                no amount of physical prying or brute force will expose your data to the unauthorized eyes
                of thieves.

To make the process even easier, you can use MacFort to set up such an encrypted vault to
open automatically (with a password) whenever you restart or log in to your Mac. You can
then put the files you need to protect into that encrypted vault and they are instantly included
                 in the encryption process when your computer is turned off or put to sleep. Now, even if your
                 hard drive is removed from the computer, the files in that encrypted vaults remain secure.

                 With MacFort, protecting your files from physical data theft has never been easier. 




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