MacFort is very easy to use 





First, click “Scan”in the main toolbar to allow MacFort to automatically scan your system and then recommend files to be protected. Then, select the items, individually or in batches you want to protect. For examples in this article, we are going to encrypt iPhoto library. Select iPhoto from the scanning list, click “OK” to continue.


MacFort Scan



















Second, wait until the encryption process is complete.



















   With the information window shows up, iPhoto library are encrypted and password protected.

  MacFort CopyOver




         Note: iPhoto library will be locked after the encryption process is complete, if you want to unlock it, you can select it from the list and then double-click to unlock. Additionally, MacFort will automatically ask you for the vault password when you launch iPhoto.


















         Now All Done!

          The next time you launch iPhoto, you’ll need to enter the vault password to unlock the encrypted vault so iPhoto can access the iPhoto Library inside, if the password is entered incorrectly, iPhoto will be denied access to its library.

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