MacFort is a all in one disk image(vault) tool for mac





With MacFort, you can create, add, resize, mount/unmount an encrypted disk image, 
You can even set up a disk image to mount automatically at login.


Create an encrypted disk image(vault)

To create an encrypted vault, launch MacFort and select Vaults: New Vault.In the window
               that appears, give the vault a name and a password,Select 128-bit or 256-bit from the
               encryption label, and click on Create. That’s it.

Mount and unmount multiple vaults at once

launch MacFort and select Vaults, you’ll see all vaults listed in the column. Select the desired
              vaults and double click on the list items to mount or unmount them at once. Another advantage
              of MacFort is that you will be kept informed about the amount of free space on all your vaults,
              if the vault free space is low, click on the “Resize Vault” button in the toolbar, increasing the
              maximum size of the vault.


















Authenticate password when you try to mount a vault 

If you don’t select “store password in your Keychain” when creating a vault, A “Enter password”
              dialog will appear when you try to mount the vault. you can select “Remember this password” to
              save the password to your Keychain, store the password in the Keychain both for convenience
              and for reducing risk of password loss.



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