Free up hard drive space on Mac





Store your iTunes(iPhoto) library to an encrypted vault on a USB key drive or a network drive has
two benefits, not only this is the most secure way to protect your data, but you also save a lot of hard
disk space. The easiest and most convenient way to achieve this goal is: The MacFort way-Just several
clicks, MacFort will create an encrypted vault on the external drive(network drive) and move your
big iTunes library to it.

Move your iTunes(iPhoto) library, Photo Booth to an external drive is the most
secure way to
 protect your privacy, the external drive can be unplugged after it’s used
and stored in a secure location. When it’s time to open iPhoto (Photo Booth) , you  simply
               plug it back in and all your data is available again. if you lost your mac, the external  hard drives
               are usually located outside the mac, so your precious data is still safe.

Hard drive space is one of the biggest problems for Mac users, you can run out of your
hard disk space in a short time, especially if you fill your Mac with multimedia files like music
and movies-the types of files that you keep and manage using a manager like iTunes or iPhoto,
              Photo Booth. The simplest way to free up disk space occupied by these folder by moving the
              iTunes library, iPhoto library to an external storage. And plug the external drive back whenever
              you need to open these apps.

MacFort lets the user keep a close watch on the vault space and thus avoid potential
data loss due to the low free space.







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