MacFort FAQs


What is MacFort?
How does MacFort work?
Where does MacFort store my data?
What should I do if I forget my password?
What is the difference between the trial and the full version?
What happens once my trial expires?
Where to buy MacFort?
How to uninstall MacFort?


What is MacFort?

MacFort can encrypt application data or any individual folders and files with password protection,
it is only available for Mac OS X, works on OS X 10.5-10.13 High Sierra.


How does MacFort work?

MacFort works by creating an encrypted vault on your hard disk that will act as a container for your
sensitive documents. The encryption is based on a password you provide. When you want to access
the contents of the vault, you need to enter the correct password  to “mount” the vault as if it
were an external drive attached to the machine.

MacFort uses the Mac OS X encrypted disk images feature, a vault is actually an encrypted disk
image which is supported as standard in Mac OS X. This means MacFort vaults can be opened even
without MacFort installed.


Where does MacFort store my data?

By default, MacFort stores all the encrypted vaults in a folder named MacFort which resides under
your Home directory. To locate the MacFort folder, open Finder, from its top menu,
click “Go”->”Home”. Then you can find the MacFort folder, open it, you will see several files
with “.sparsebundle” file extension, which are the vault files.

Therefore, If you want to back up the encrypted data, you just need to backup the MacFort
folder. You can copy the MacFort folder to an external drive for safekeeping. Note, you can open
the vault file in any Mac machine, even without MacFort installed. Just double-click on the vault
file, enter your password, the vault will be mounted on your desktop or in a Finder window sidebar
just as any storage device would. Once the vault  is mounted as a drive, you can view its contents
using the Finder just as you would any other drive or folder.


What should I do if I forget my password?

Please read this page .


What is the difference between the trial and the full version?

A maximum of five items can be protected in trial version, there is no limit in full version.


What happens once my trial expires?

The first thing you need to know is that MacFort will never delete your data when your trial
expires, your data is still safe, however,  the following things will happen:

1.  MacFort will not automatically prompt you for the password when you open a locked application.
2.  MacFort will not automatically lock the vault when you quit a protected application.
3.  You can not encrypt any new item.
4.  You can not create or resize a vault.

You can still do the following after your trail has expired:

1. Unlock or lock an item manually.
2. Decrypt an item from MacFort.
3. Uninstall MacFort, see this page for instructions to uninstall MacFort.


Where to buy MacFort?

Please see this page .


How to Uninstall MacFort?

Please do not use any uninstaller software to uninstall MacFort, MacFort includes an uninstaller, 
see this page for more details. You will need to provide the vault password to allow the uninstaller 
to decrypt your data.

If there’s anything unclear, or anything we can help with, please contact

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