Lost email accounts after upgrading to OS X El Capitan

On October 1, 2015, in Blog, by MadowSoft

If you have recently upgraded to OS X El Capitan, you may find some of your email accounts seem to have disappeared from Apple Mail. In extreme cases, all accounts protected by MacFort were gone. When that happened, your inbox in Mail will set itself to read-only mode. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. However, we didn’t encounter the problem in the pre-release version of El Capitan over three months, the problem only exists in the public version. In some cases, the El Capitan installer will randomly disable or delete some encrypted mail account from Apple mail, so if you plan to upgrade to OS X El Capitan, you’d better first decrypt Apple Mail from MacFort. To decrypt Mail, open MacFort, select Mail from the protected-apps list, click Decrypt on the toolbar.

If you already have El Capitan installed and some of your mail accounts have gone away, please don’t panic, the installer just deleted or disabled the account, not the email messages. You can easily bring them back. Please try the following instructions,

Open System Preferences -> Internet Accounts,see screenshot below,

Mac Internet Accounts










If you can see a list of the missed email accounts, that means the installer just disabled them. You just need to click on each Mail account, and then check the Mail option in the panel to the right to enable Mail. After that, open Mail, you will find your accounts come back.

If you can’t find your accounts here, things will become a bit more complicated, please try the following instructions,

1. In Internet Accounts panel, click the Add button + below, add the missed accounts back.

2. Locate the Mail Library. If Mail is still encrypted by MacFort, you can locate Mail Library by clicking the MacFort icon on the menu bar, see screenshot below,

MacFort menu bar




From the vaults sub menu, click the vault which stores Mail Library, the vault will open within a new Finder window. You can then find the Mail folder in the vault, that’s the Mail Library. Open Mail folder -> V3, you will find several folders (like “POP-example@mail.example.com” or “IMAP-example@mail.example.com”) from the V3 folder. Copy them and the Mailboxes folder and then paste them into the Documents folder on your Mac.

Mail V3 folder






If you have already decrypted Mail from MacFort, open Finder, from its top menu, click “Go”->”Go to folder”, enter ~Library, click “Go”, you can find the Mail folder in it. Then follow the same instructions above, see screenshot below,


Mac go to folder








3. Open Mail, from its top menu, Choose File -> Import Mailboxes, see screenshot below,

Mac Mail Import







choose Apple Mail, select the folders you copied before.

Apple Mail import mailboxes









After import process completes, the messages will be organized in a new mailbox called Import in the Mail sidebar. You can drag folders and messages from the Import mailbox to new or existing mailboxes, then delete the Import mailbox.


4. You can then use MacFort to re-encrypt Apple Mail.


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