How to uninstall MacFort

On July 29, 2012, in Tips, by MadowSoft

Note, Please do not use any uninstaller software to
uninstall MacFort, 
which may lead to data loss.

MacFort is very easy to uninstall, open MacFort, from the top-left menu,
click MacFort-> Uninstall MacFort, see screenshot below:











If the trial has expired, open MacFort, the following message box appears,








click “Cancel” to dismiss the message box. click the MacFort’s dock icon to
activate MacFort, And then you can follow the instructions as for the screenshot
above to uninstall MacFort.

How to Uninstall MacFort Manually

If uninstall failed, please try the following instructions to uninstall
MacFort manually.

1. If you have used MacFort to protect some files, select them from the list,
Note:you can select multiple items at one time, then click “Decrypt” on the
main toolbar to remove the password protection.














2. Click the MacFort icon in the top-right menu bar, click “Quit” to quit MacFort
helper app.





3.Uncheck “start helper app on login” in preference, the helper app’s purpose
is to notice the users to enter the password if they try to open a “locked” application,
then drag to trash.










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