How to password protect Photos app on Mac

On April 21, 2015, in Blog, by MadowSoft

Apple has released OS X 10.10.3 , a major update for Yosemite that brings the new Photos app to replace iPhoto and Aperture. By default, stores all your photos packed together inside Your home/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary bundle.

Inside the library you will find original pictures in Masters folder, and you can find reduced-size versions of your pictures under the Thumbnails folder.

To access the original pictures files in Photos library,

. Open Finder, from its top menu, click “Go”->”Home”, open Pictures folder and locate the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” file.

. Right-Click and select “Show Package Contents”.

. Open “Masters” folder to find your original Photos pictures.

The original pictures are stored and organized by folders based on dates, broken down by year, month, and day. See screenshot below,

Photos Library on disk

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As you can see, anyone who has access to your account can directly view your photos without needing to open Photos app, so password protect the Photos app itself is useless. A login password is also not enough to keep your photos from prying eyes, if someone has physical access to your Mac, they can easily reset your login password, and then they can access all your photos.

So, if you are really concerned about somebody getting access to your personal Photos, you need MacFort. With MacFort, you can easily encrypt Photos library with password protection.

MacFort works by creating encrypted vault to securely store your photos; nobody can view your photos without the correct vault password. A vault is actually a single file residing on your hard drive that contains the data you have protected, you can easily backup it manually or let Time Machine do this job automatically. So, never worry about losing your photos! For more details about vault backup, please visit this link.

To download MacFort, click the button below.

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Please follow the steps below to password protect Photos,

1. Open MacFort, after creating a vault, click “Scan” button, select Photos from the list, click “OK”.

protect Photos

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2. Once encrypting is complete, Photos will show up in the protected apps list.

Photos encryption completes

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Next time you launch Photos, you must supply the correct vault password. Otherwise, 
Photos will be denied to access its library.

Photos Password box

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Note, if you launch Photos for the first time after encrypting,  you may need to select Photos library 
manually, when the following dialog appears, click “Open Other”, see screenshot below,

Select Photos Library

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Then select Photos library in the vault, click “Choose Library”.

Select Photos Library

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You just need to select once, Photos will remember your choice and use the library in the vault by default. 

By the way, if you’re committed to using iCloud Photo Library, you need to select the library as the system photo library. To do this, open Photos, open its Preferences window and in the General tab, click the Use as System Photo Library button, see screenshot below,

iCloud Photo Library

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        MacFort is 100% Clean,

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