How to password protect outlook on mac

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Many outlook users try to password protect email messages in outlook from prying eyes 
on mac, but most of them seem to be caught up in a misunderstanding, They try to 
password protect the outlook application itself, this approach is completely wrong,
outlook is just a mail viewer to show you the email messages, it stores all your data 
(email messages, contacts, your calendars, and more) in your home folder, which 
can be viewed directly without opening outlook, so password protecting the outlook app 
itself is completely useless and pointless.

The most secure and reliable way to password protect outlook is to use MacFort, MacFort
will create encrypted vault to securely store Outlook library, next time when you open Outlook,
MacFort will prompt you to enter the correct password to unlock the vault, no one will ever
look at your email messages and contacts without knowing the correct password used there.

if you haven’t installed MacFort, click the button to download MacFort:

Download MacFort

Please try the following steps to password protect emails in outlook:

First click “Scan” in the main toolbar, choose “Microsoft Outlook” on the list,
then click “OK”.

Password protect outlook on mac

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Now your email messages, contacts, calendars are encrypted and password locked.


Password protect outlook

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      After that, when you open Outlook, MacFort will prompt you for the password:

        Outlook Password










          If you click the “Cancel” button, or the password is incorrect, Outlook will 
stop launching.


          Click the button to download MacFort now! 

          Download MacFort

        MacFort is 100% Clean,

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