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If you ask someone is there a way to Password Protect mailboxes on Mac used  by mail
client:Apple Mail, they may tell you to make a separate user account for each(or all) of your friends
to take care of this issue-when your friends use your mac, they cannot access your personal files
and see your mails.

The Problem:

1. Additional user accounts wouldn’t be satisfactory, If you work in a team production
environment, where if say, you were out to lunch and someone needed to urgently access a
file you are working on and make a minor change. In this case the second user account would
need to also have access to all the applications and files (include the first user personal
mailboxes) that the first user has access to. And if you happen to lose your Mac, or if it’s stolen,
the whole contents of your hard drive will be copied without needing to login to your mac.

2. Another big problem is is that merely password-protecting the Mac Mail app would not
prevent access to your mailboxes. Your email is stored in files under your home folder and
is therefore accessible (using other programs) to anyone who has access to your user account.
So password-protecting Mac Mail app would be analogous to locking the front door but leaving
the back and side doors open.

The correct solution:

The correct solution is to encrypt Mac Mail profiles and mailboxes with password protection,
MacFort is an easy way to password protect Mac Mail mailboxes. MacFort stores the mailboxes
to an encrypted vault, before you open Mac Mail, you must supply the correct password to unlock
the encrypted vault, if the password is entered incorrectly, the Mac Mail app will be prevented from
accessing its profiles and mailboxes.

The Advantage:

1. MacFort uses the Mac OS X encrypted disk images feature to create encrypted vaults, which will
make your email files more secure and reliable. Additionally, MacFort also works great with 
Spotlight and Time Machine, therefore, there is no possibility of data loss.

2. MacFort use AES to provides strong encryption for your email files, it is impossible to see
your email files without knowing the correct password.

3. You can even put the encrypted vaults on an external drive or a network drive, if you lost
your Mac, your email files are still in a secure place.

4. MacFort is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5-OS X 10.10 Yosemite.


  Click “Scan” on the main toolbar, select Mail from the list, then click “OK”.


Select Mail to protect

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  Wait until the encryption process is complete.


Mail encryption in process

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  Now All Done!

Password protect Mac Mail

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The next time you start Mac Mail, you must enter the correct password to allow
Mac Mail to access the mailboxes, see screenshot below:

MacFort password box 











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