How to fix the Mac Mail’s search functionality

On August 29, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

Note:If you have MacFort V4.0 or above installed,Please ignore this article,
MacFort V4.0 works great with Spotlight search.

After the Mac Mail Library is password protected by MacFort,you may find that Apple Mail
will not be able to search entire message contents using the ‘search’ column in the top right of
the application. This can be very uncomfortable if you have a lot of email.

The problem you are getting is because Spotlight has been disabled for the vault file where
your mail library resides,the entire message search functionality in mac mail is powered by
First,please open MacFort to see the name of the vault which stores your emails.And if the
mail library is currently locked,please select the “Mail” item form the list and then
to unlock it.So Spotlight can access the mail library and create the index file.



 Second,navigate to your Applications folder, open Utilities, and double click on Terminal,
type this command: sudo mdutil -i on /Volumes/the vault name .In this case,the vault name
is:”safebox”,so the command is:sudo mdutil -i on /Volumes/safebox,Notice:if the vault name
contains white space characters,you need to use quotation marks around the vault name,
for example, if the vault name is “Apples’s Vault”,this command should be:
sudo mdutil -i on /Volumes/”Apples’s Vault” (including the quotation marks) 
see the screenshot below: 















This will simply make Spotlight is enabled for the vault file,and it will begin to rebuild the index.
If you click the Spotlight icon on the menu bar up the top it will tell you that it is reindexing the 
vault file.Wait for that to complete and then you should be able to search your mail again. 

We plan to add this feature to the next version of MacFort,in this new version you will not need
to type the command manually,MacFort will do this automatically. 


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