How to encrypt Evernote with password protection

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Encrypt Evernote






Concerns regarding Evernote encryption have been with most Evernote users since the first 
Mac version of Evernote, Evernote only allows users to password protect individual text selections
within a note. However, many users wish they could password protect entire Evernote database
or a whole notebook, obviously it’s not practical to encrypt many text selections one by one.

Why We Need Evernote Encryption

1. You may not want other people (i.e. spouse, co-workers, etc.) could one day be looking at
your private notes.

2. An unencrypted copy of Evernote database is stored locally on your computer, your notes
in Evernote are stored in common, easy-to-manipulate file formats (HTML), which means
any text viewer or html viewer (i.e. Textedit, Safari, etc.) can easily open your notes without
opening Evernote. So you can’t rely on the Evernote username/password system to keep your
notes safe.

3. If your computer is stolen, thieves can easily bypass the login password by using a Mac OS X
installer CD/DVD, they can even directly read your private notes from your hard drive.

The Solution We Are Looking for

1 Must have the ability to encrypt entire Evernote database with password protection,
the user will need to enter the password to open Evernote, if the password is incorrect,
Evernote will not open.

2 The encryption needs to be strong enough to prevent successful brute force attacks.

3 After entering a correct password, the user should not feel any different from the normal
use of Evernote, everything you store in your Evernote account should be automatically
synced across all of your devices as normal.

What is The Simplest Way to Password Protect Evernote

The answer is MacFort. With just 2 clicks, MacFort allows you to encrypt Evernote database
with password protection. After the encryption is complete, when you try to open Evernote,
MacFort prompts you for the password to decrypt the database, if password is wrong, you
will be denied access to open Evernote, not to mention reading any notes.

How Does MacFort Work?

1. MacFort uses encrypted vaults to securely store your private information, the vault is a safe,
password-protected and encrypted container for your files. If you choose to encrypt Evernote,
MacFort will move the entire Evernote database to the vault. After that, MacFort will ask you
for the password to open the vault every time you try to open Evernote. Therefore, no one can
read your Evernote data without knowing the correct password.

2. MacFort uses XTS-AES 128/256 encryption to create an encrypted vault ,AES (Advanced
Encryption Standard) is computationally secure against brute-force attack, The National Security
Agency (NSA) reviewed AES is secure enough for U.S. Government data.

3. After entering the correct password, you can use Evernote as usual, all your data in Evernote
will be synced automatically as usual.

4. MacFort uses the built-in functions of OS X to create an encrypted vault, which will make your
data more reliable. The vault is also stored in a single file within your home folder, which means
Time Machine automatically backs up the vault file. In conclusion, there is no chance of data loss.

The Instructions

if you haven’t installed MacFort, click the below button to download MacFort

Download MacFort



After MacFort has been installed, open MacFort, click “Scan” in the main toolbar, select
Evernote on the list. If you have App Store version of Evernote installed, select
Evernote App from the list, then click “OK”.


Encrypt Evernote

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The encryption is complete. All done!


Password protect Evernote

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      Now you need to supply the correct password when you open Evernote:

        Evernote password protection










     Click the button to download MacFort now! 

          Download MacFort

        MacFort is 100% Clean,

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