MacFort released!

On February 7, 2013, in Blog, by MadowSoft

We have released v4.3.0.0 of MacFort, the new version brings you some useful new features, and many changes. More details please see below: NEW: Access all of your protected folders and apps quickly from the menu bar. NEW: Automatically detects iPhoto and Photo Booth library location in non-English  versions of Mac OS X, and then […]


The simplest way to encrypt Mac Mail

On December 6, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

          Many mac users would like to encrypt Mac Mail mailboxes stored on the disk,or encrypt email folders used by third-party Mac Email clients, such as ThunderBird,Outlook, PostBox, Sparrow, etc. The benefit of Mac Mail encryption is to keep personal information private in case of losing physical control of the computer, or protect […]

MacFort got ‘Very Good’ rating from SoftPedia editor

On December 1, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

‘Very Good’ rating From the editor of MacFort is able to protect you personal information, on a daily basis, without inconveniencing you too much. The app can detect the location of any sensitive data on your Mac on its own, but it also offers you the possibility to encrypt user-defined files. MacFort comes with basic […]

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How to password protect outlook on mac

On October 22, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

           Many outlook users try to password protect email messages in outlook from prying eyes on mac, but most of them seem to be caught up in a misunderstanding, They try to password protect the outlook application itself, this approach is completely wrong,outlook is just a mail viewer to show you the email messages, […]

MacFort released!

On October 21, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

MacFort was updated to version 4.0,this is a major update that offers several new features,MacFort V4.0 is fully OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatible, with Spotlight search and Time Machine support.Now you can easily password protect more applications data fileswith the new version,for example,MacFort V4.0 adds support to password protect iMessage(Messages) chat history under Mountain Lion. […]

How to fix the Mac Mail’s search functionality

On August 29, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

Note:If you have MacFort V4.0 or above installed,Please ignore this article,MacFort V4.0 works great with Spotlight search. After the Mac Mail Library is password protected by MacFort,you may find that Apple Mail will not be able to search entire message contents using the ‘search’ column in the top right of the application. This can be very uncomfortable if […]

MacFort released!

On April 6, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

Now you can easily password protect entourage with MacFort  we  add support to password protect entourage and other email clients(sparrow,postbox,mail smith,eudora,etc.)  in MacFort V3.5,Entourage is replaced by an applicationnamed outlook by microsoft,the latest version of outlook is the new 2011 version,MacFortalso support to password protect outlook 2011 for mac.   More details about how to easily […]

How to password protect only one mailbox in Mac Mail

On March 19, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

Note:  This article only applies to OS X Lion 10.7 and earlier,  if your computer has Mountain Lion or later installed, you need to password protect the entire Mail Library, please read this article: How to password protect Mac Mail. Many mac users are trying to find a solution that will allow them to password protect single mailbox in mac […]

MacFort released!

On March 17, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

MacFort Screenshot:                             New Features: 1.New software interface for users 2.Enable user interface password protection,more secure than old version. 3.Password protect more important individual applications,now MacFort can easily password protect evernote database file,password protect daylite,and etc..   Click the button to […]

How to password protect Mac Mail

On January 27, 2012, in Blog, by MadowSoft

            If you ask someone is there a way to Password Protect mailboxes on Mac used  by mail client:Apple Mail, they may tell you to make a separate user account for each(or all) of your friends to take care of this issue-when your friends use your mac, they cannot access your personal files and see […]

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